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Dual Controller Charging Dock Station with for Xbox Series X|S

Dual Controller Charging Dock Station with for Xbox Series X|S

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Vertical Cooling Stand Compatible with Xbox Series X Console, EEEkit Controller Charging Station Dock with 10 Games Storage for Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One/Xbox One S|X|Elite Controllers, Black

Are you still looking for a suitable accessory for your Xbox series console and controller? EEEkit all-in-one multifunctional design vertical stand is specially designed for Xbox Series X console, the dual charging station is suitable for Xbox Series X / S / Xbox One / Xbox One S / X / Elite controller, definitely a must-have for gamers Good helper. 【First of all】, the Xbox vertical stand is used to store the Xbox Series X console. Although the does not have a cooling fan, the hollow design of the four corners can help the airflow to be replaced for cooling purposes. 【Secondly】, the dual controller charging station is widely used in Xbox Series X / S / Xbox One / Xbox One S / X / Elite controllers, meanwhile, the equipped 2 rechargeable batteries and 4 battery covers have a service life of more than 1500 charging cycles, play games for up to 20 hours on a full charge, conveniently charge your game controller anytime, anywhere and enjoy game time without worrying about the controller running out of power. 【In addition】, the headset stand helps you store your beloved Ranger headset; 10 additional slots store your games and organize your gaming space for easy picking within reach; bottom non-slip pads better protect the entire accessory, which is safer to use. 【In conclusion】, owning this set of Xbox Series X Vertical Stand can reduce the footprint, increase the horizontal space, keep the game area tidy, and say goodbye to the cluttered gaming table. Don't hesitate any longer, come and try it! Customer satisfaction is our motivation. EEEkit is always committed to creating a good shopping experience and providing quality products at the perfect price to our customers.

- Things you must know:
The vertical stand is specially designed to store Xbox Series X console only, but both charging ports can charge 2 Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One / Xbox One S | X | Elite controllers.

  • All-In-One Stand for Xbox: Vertical stand + controller charging station + headset bracket + 10 games disk slot + 2 rechargeable battery pack + 4 battery covers + charging cable
  • Unique Compatibility: Dual charging stations fit for Xbox Series X/S/Xbox One/Xbox One S/X/Elite Controllers
  • Fast Charging: It only takes 3 hours to charge two Xbox controllers at the same time, you don't have to wait too long
  • LED Indicators: Clear battery display, red light means charging; green light means fully charged / standby
  • Long Battery Life: The battery uses more than 2000 charge cycles, you don't need to buy a new battery, save money
  • Game Storage: Features 10 slots to organize your gaming space, and store your games to keep them in order and within reach
  • Headset Bracket: Display or store your gaming headset, saving you space and making it easier to find it when you're using it
  • Smart Protection: The charger stands with overvoltage/overcurrent /output short-circuit /battery reverse polarity protection
  • Space-saving: The Xbox console stand minimizes the footprint of gamer accessories and keeps your gaming area clean
  • Rechargeable Battery: 2 x 800mAh battery packs for Xbox can be charged directly on the charging station
  • Long-time Using: Up to 20 hours of gameplay on a fully charged battery, providing maximum power to your controller
  • Hollow Design: The bottom of the host bracket adopts a hollow design, which can better dissipate heat (no cooling fan)
  • Anti-skid and Stable: The bottom of the Xbox vertical stand has anti-skid pads, which are safer to use
  • Good Service: If you have any questions about this product, we will answer you within 24 hours


    Product Parameters:
    Type: Vertical Stand for Xbox Series Console
    Battery Capacity: 2x800mAh
    Controller Charging Dock: for Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One/Xbox One S|X/Elite controller
    Charging station input voltage: 5V 1A
    Charging current: 250mA~300mA
    Charging Time: 3 Hours
    Input interface: Type-c port
    Product material: ABS
    Color: Black
    Material: ABS


    Package Includes:
    1x Stand for Xbox Series X; 2x Rechargeable Batteries; 4x Battery Covers; 1x Headset Bracket; 1x Game card storage rack; 1x 9in Charging Cable; 1x User Manual
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