Samsung Gear 360 Accessory Guide

The original Samsung 360 camera that launched in 2016 at $349 was dubbed the Samsung Gear 360. Although it attracted a lot of attention from tech fans, Samsung’s first attempt at a 360 degree camera left much to be desired due to poor battery life, disappointing video quality, and awkward form factor.

The New 2017 Samsung Gear 360 Camera

This year, Samsung introduced the new Gear 360 2017 edition with undated capabilities and a new physical design. Not only have they dropped the launch price to $230 dollars, they were also offering it as an add-on item at $49 when customers bought a new Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus (unfortunately, that deal had passed as of now).  As a result, the 2017 version is one of the best 360 degree cameras on the market for its price.

We have put together a range of important accessories to help you get started with your new Samsung 360 camera. With these, you are on your way to unlocking your device’s full potential.



Selfie Pole – for your everyday adventures

Technically, every shot with a 360 degree camera is a selfie. The selfie pole acts as an extension of your arm, providing an extra 28 inches of reach. So, you now have a farther vantage point and much more options for angles with your Samsung Gear 360.

High quality aluminum body

Comfortable rubber handle for grip

Extends up to 28 inches

1/4 inch tripod thread for mounting




Tripod Stand – stable base for live broadcasts

You can share live 360 degree videos on Facebook or YouTube now because Samsung has added the live streaming function to this year’s new Gear 360.

The tripod stand is a great tool to provide a stable platform for live streams. It also fold into a short handle or act as a base to mount the selfie pole on top. The possibilities are endless.

Aluminum legs with rubber feet

Stable base for both photos and videos

Folds conveniently into a short handle

Can combine with selfie pole for elevation



Paracord Wrist Strap – don’t drop your camera

The Samsung Gear 360 comes with a wrist strap, but we were not satisfied with it. We’ve also seen too many otherwise sturdy straps that attach to the camera by looping through a thin piece of fabric.

So, we decided to make our wrist strap entirely of rugged nylon paracord and attach it to the camera via a fairly large metal 1/4 inch screw.

If it’s good enough for paratroopers, it’s good enough for your 360 camera.

Strap made entirely of thick nylon paracord

Attaches to camera via sturdy metal screw

Easily adjustable one size fits most



Silicone Cover – keep your camera clean and pretty

If you’re often out there being outdoorsy with your Samsung Gear 360, chances are it’s going to get dirty. The body cover and lens cap help keep dirt and debris off the camera.

The body cover fits the Gear 360 snugly and also gives it a better grip. It also features cutouts to allow easy access to the MicroSD card slot and the charging port. The lens cover protects the lenses from scratches while they are not in use.

Lens cap protects from scratches and dirt

Body cover provides better grip

Cutouts allow for port and button access



Quick release mount – versatility in a small package

Anybody that has had some experience with GoPro cameras should be no stranger to the quick release setup.

This is a good solution to have for quickly switching between handheld filming and surface-mounted filming. The adhesive attaches securely to most hard, flat surfaces like walls, tables, and windows.

Small and convenient form factor

Quick release buckle easy to put on and take off

Sticker-mounted base works on many surfaces



Transparent Hard Case – extra layer of protection

If you plan on using your camera by the pool this summer, the transparent hard case is a must have. It makes the Samsung Gear 360 water resistant and gives it one more layer of protection – while it’s recording.

The case is also useful on rainy days or in places where your camera setup risks getting knocked over. The hard case makes sure that the lenses do not come into direct contact with anything that might hit the camera.

Protects against accidental drops and splashes

Completely transparent

Great for rainy days and poolside use



Shockproof Carry Case – bringing it all together

When you have a collection of useful accessories for your camera, you’ll need to have them all in one place for that next road trip or a week in the alps. This is why you need a carry case to keep everything all together.

This carry case features a foam insert with cutouts to keep your Gear 360 and its accessories organized in your home and on the go.

Foam insert for convenience and protection

Assorted slots for organizing accessories

Easy to carry with carry handle

Our team will constantly keep an eye out for other helpful accessories for the Samsung 360 camera and keep this guide updated.

Meanwhile, check out our All in One Kit, which includes several of the featured accessories.

EEEKit All in One Kit for Samsung Gear 360 (2017)

We  put together several of the accessories above into an All in One Kit.

Give that button a click and start your quest for awesome 360 videos!