3 in 1 Basic Mounting Kit for Samsung Gear 360 2017/2016 Edition Ricoh Theta V/S/SC


Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Extension Pole
  • 1 x Folding Tripod Stand
  • 1 x Quick Release Mount Set

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  • Includes the most essential accessories to get your started with your Samsung Galaxy Gear 360 or Ricoh Theta cameras
  • Handheld Extension Pole gets you better angles for wide shots and allows quick length adjustments from 7.09 to 27.95 inch
  • Tripod Stand is ideal for stationary shots, can attach to Extension Pole for higher elevation and better views
  • Quick Release Mount Buckle and Base make a versatile mounting solution for your camera

Handheld Extension Pole

Length: 7.09 in / 18 cm folded to 27.95 in / 71 cm fully extended.
Made of aluminum body with rubber handle grip. Features a internal screw thread for attaching wrist strap or tripod base.
Ideal for extending your reach with the camera and getting wider angle shots.

Folding Tripod Base

Length: 3.15 in / 8 cm folded.
Legs made of aluminum with rubber feet. Ideal for setting up stationary shots on flat surfaces.
Can attach to Extension Pole for higher elevation and wider shots.

Quick Release Mount

Screw Type: 1/4″
Compatibility: For Samsung Gear 360 Camera, for Ricoh Theta S/SC/M15 & for Other Action Camera/Panoramic Camera with 1/4″ Socket