Travel adapters are something that you don’t normally think about. Oftentimes you need them before you even know it. With all the different electrical socket types used around the world, international power adapters really come in handy for those on the go. Two years ago, I visited our China office for the first time. I

Samsung Gear 360 Accessory Guide

The original Samsung 360 camera that launched in 2016 at $349 was dubbed the Samsung Gear 360. Although it attracted a lot of attention from tech fans, Samsung’s first attempt at a 360 degree camera left much to be desired due to poor battery life, disappointing video quality, and awkward form factor. The New 2017
It has been known for a few years now that the USB 3.0 radio frequency interferes with 2.4GH wireless devices. If you have used a USB 3.0 hub with a wireless mouse or keyboard, you may have noticed some delayed responses and missing inputs. The same problem applies to the next generation standard USB 3.1